Daughters for Life Foundation Scholarship Program

Daughters for Life Foundation Scholarship Program 2019/2020

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for the Daughters for Life Foundation Scholarship Program 2019/2020. The scholarship program is rebuilding peace in the Middle East one step at a time by providing young women with the opportunity to gain the skills and experience required for the task.

They offer full undergraduate and graduate scholarships in almost any program of your choosing, because what matters is your passion and potential. They have established a number of academic partnerships with leading universities and colleges throughout Canada, the US and beyond so you can reach your academic goals without the worry of how to afford it.

Daughters for Life Foundation Scholarship Program Eligibility

  • Applicants should be Female;
  • Citizen of one of the following countries in the Middle East: Palestine, Israel, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon;
  • In financial need;
  • Committed to returning to home country once studies are complete.

How to Apply for Daughters for Life Foundation Scholarship Program

There are two separate parts involved in applying to the DFL Scholarship Program:

  • Apply to the DFL Scholarship Program
  • Apply to An Academic Partners
    • Each university/college has their own set of admission requirements (including supporting documents), deadlines, and process for applying. In addition, each specific program will have its own requirements.
    • They encourage you to apply to more than one of the academic partners
    • Applications to the universities/colleges are NOT done through DFL

For more information, visit DFL Scholarship.

Application Deadline: January 11, 2019

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