YABATECH Programmes Available for Admission

Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH programmes available for ND and degree admissions. This is the full list of programmes on offer at YABATECH for national diploma (ND) admission.

YABATECH programmes

YABATECH Available ND & Degree Programmes

The programmes available are as follows:

School of Arts, Design and Printing

1.         ND (Art and Design) Full Time

2.         ND (Fashion Design & Clothing Technology) Full Time

3.         ND (Printing Technology) Full Time

School of Civil & Natural Resources

4.        ND (Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering) Full Time

5.        ND (Chemical Engineering) Full Time.

6.        ND (Marine Engineering) Full Time

School of Environmental Studies

7.          ND (Architecture Technology) Full Time

8.          ND (Building Technology) Full Time

9.          ND (Estate Management & Valuation) Full Time

10.       ND (Quantity Surveying) Full Time

11.        ND (Surveying & Geo-informatics) Full Time

12.        ND (Urban & Regional Planning) Full Time.

School of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

13.        ND (Industrial Maintenance Engineering) Full Time

14.       ND (Metallurgical Engineering) Full Time

15.        ND (Wielding & Fabrication Engineering) Full Time

School of Management & Business Studies

16.        ND (Office Technology Management) Full Time.

School of Science

17.        ND (Statistics) Full Time.

School of Technology

18.        ND (Agricultural Technology) Full Time (Epe Campus).

19.      ND (Hospitality Management) Full Time

20.       ND (Leisure & Tourism) Full Time (Epe Campus)

21.       ND (Polymer Technology) Full Time

22.       ND (Textile Technology) Full Time

School of Technical Education (STE)

23.        B.Sc (Ed.) Art Education

24.        B.Sc (Ed.) Biology Education

25.        B.Sc (Ed.) Business Education

26.        B.Sc (Ed.) Chemistry Education

27.        B.Sc (Ed.) Computer Education

28.        B.Sc (Ed.) Home Economics Education

29.        B.Sc (Ed.) Industrial Technical Education

30.        B.Sc (Ed.) Integrated Science Education

31.        B.Sc (Ed.) Mathematics

32.        B.Sc (Ed.) Physics.

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