UI Admission Deferment Process: How to Apply for UI Admission Deferment

UI Admission Deferment Process | The University of Ibadan, UI Admission Deferment Process and Procedures has been announced. 

UI Admission Deferment

The Management of the University of Ibadan (UI) has announced the procedure for the deferment of admission, change of course and suspension of studeie from on academic session to another. Candidates who wish to defer their admission should see full procedures on this page.

Procedure for Deferment of Admission

A candidate who for any reason is unable to participate in the Clearance exercise for a session in which s/he is admitted, at the stipulated time (usually after 2 weeks) but is interested in taking up the offer at the next academic session should write, formally, to the Admissions Office for deferment. However, candidates should note that:

a. Deferment is not automatic.  A candidate must have been found prima-facie qualified and cleared by the Admissions Office.

b. The Provisional offer of admission lapses after one session, if not taken up.

Procedure for Suspension of Studies

A student who has matriculated but for some cogent personal reasons is not able to continue his studies, should write through his Head of Department to the Dean of his Faculty for Suspension of Studies, usually for not more than one session.

Should the reason for suspension be on health grounds, a medical report, duly endorsed by the director of the University of Ibadan Health Service, must be attached to the request.

Change of Course

(i)       No student is allowed to change the initial course of study to another to start afresh at the 100 level. This may disqualify a student from the award of the degree of the University.

(ii) A student who has completed more than two semesters (i.e 100 level) of studies  shall not be eligible to change his/her course, except students in the College of Medicine, Faculties of Technology, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine who might be required to withdraw from the course.

(iii)      A student is deemed not to have qualified to change his/her course if he/she fails to satisfy the entry requirements for the intended course, at the time of admission, into the University.

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