Mophradat’s Arts Fellowship Program

Mophradat’s Arts Fellowship Program 2019

Applications are invited for the Mophradat’s Arts Fellowship Program 2019. The program is a twelve-week part-time training program at an international art institution.

The program is for young curators, arts managers, arts producers, and arts administrators of the Arab diaspora in and outside of the Arab world (including recent migrants and refugees). It enables them to develop their knowledge, skills, and professional networks in their adopted context. At the end of the program, fellows must provide their host and Mophradat with a narrative summary of what they feel they learned and achieved, and any improvements they think the program could benefit from.


  • Mophradat provides each Art Fellow with a stipend during the program. Fellowships will start January 7, 2019, and run for twelve weeks.

Mophradat’s Arts Fellowship Eligibility

  • Applicants must have at least three years of experience as curators, managers, producers, and administrators in a field of contemporary arts;
  • Applicants must speak one of the organization’s working languages, and have basic computer skills;
  • Applicants must have been living in the city of the program for at least one year;
  • Applicants must be from the Arab world or be of recent Arab origin;
  • Applicants holding a degree in an arts discipline or related cultural field preferred;
  • Students enrolled in undergraduate or Masters’ programs are not eligible to apply.

How to Apply for Mophradat’s Arts Fellowship Program

Applications must be sent directly to the host institutions based on their open call:

For more information, visit Mophradat’s Arts Fellowship.

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