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China Awards Scholarship to 102 Applicants From UNIZIK Confucius Institute

China Awards Scholarship to 102 Applicants From UNIZIK Confucius Institute.

Applications for Chinese scholarships this year (2020) from the Confucius Institute of Nnamdi Azikiwe University have been concluded with our CI making a great harvest.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic,102 applicants from our CI have received scholarships.

The scholarships are in two categories: the Confucius Institute Scholarships for Chinese language Major and University scholarships for non-Chinese language major.

79 received the Confucius Institute Scholarships while 23 received the University scholarships.

16 of the 79 recipients of the Confucius Institute Scholarships are for Master’s Degree, 13 are for Bachelor’s degree and 50 are for one Academic-year.

15 of those 23 students who received the University scholarships are for Master’s degree, whereas 8 are for bachelor’s degree.

In all, 31 for the Master’s degree, 21 for Bachelor’s degree and 50 for one academic year. All 13 applicants from the Chinese Studies Department got the one Academic year program.

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