OAU ICT Training Timetable for 2019/2020 Fresh Students


OAU ICT Training Timetable for 2019/2020 Fresh Students.

The pivotal role of the university in producing the levels of human capital required for countries to succeed in the globalized ‘information economy’ has been expressed in terms of higher education’s ability to provide the labor market with information-aware and information-adept graduates. Developments in multimedia increased communications, and other ICT innovations are obviously key components of the information economy. Thus, it is imperative for the Obafemi Awolowo University that prides itself as the leading ICT University in Nigeria to empower her students.

The ICT training for fresh undergraduate students aims to impart basic ICT skills to the students right from the onset of their educational career in OAU.  New ICT initiatives are being introduced to the University. These include student e-mail services, smart classrooms, multimedia-driven lecture delivery, intra-university voice communication ‘Keedu’, increasing online engagement, course registration, TCC project, e-assessment, inter-university online collaboration (OAU and Unilag) and techno-premiership. These are in addition to various existing services such as online meetings and interviews via telepresence and videoconference, advanced search, e-library, internet access, etc.

These services require basic ICT skills to navigate and derive maximum benefit. The purpose of this training is, therefore, to educate the newly admitted students on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as they will continue to apply the skills acquired from the training throughout their stay at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) and after their first-degree education. The training attracts its own ‘Certificate of Participation’ therefore eliminating the need for the students to patronize roadside computer schools after graduation in a desperate search for a certificate of computer training which today is a pre-requisite for job placement in most organizations.

OAU ICT Training Timetable.

The ICT training for fresh undergraduates of the 2019/2020 session starts on 2nd-6th March, 2020Click here to download the timetable.

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