Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship 2019 for African Students to Study in Canada


Applications are open for interested African students for the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship 2019 to study in Canada. The Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship provides funding for individuals residing in African countries to further their knowledge of Health Technology Assessment (HTA).


Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship support is available for individuals attending or planning to attend an educational institution to undertake a defined program of study directly related to HTA or to individuals participating in an internship program through an HTA agency, Ministry of Health, or relevant Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) on a full-time basis.

The program objective is to have a positive impact on HTA capacity in African countries.

Additional funding will support scholarship recipients to attend the HTAi Annual Meeting in the June immediately following completion of their scholarship award term to present their research and/or professional experience acquired during the program.

Field of Study:

  • Scholarship funding may be requested to support completion of a Masters, PhD, Fellowship or other certification or training program in HTA or a closely related field.
  • Scholarships may also support participation in an internship with an HTA agency or body, other public sector body, or non-governmental organization (NGO) to gain practical experience and/or contribute to specific research projects in HTA. Both formal and informal internships will be considered; however, the latter require a clear statement of the scope of work, role and duties of the internship position and how this will lead directly to capacity building and development of the individual’s knowledge and skills in HTA

 Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship Eligibility

Individual applicants To be eligible to apply for HTAi Scholarship, an individual applicant must:

  • Be a current student at an educational institution or employed by a health sector organization in Africa.
  • Be registered or accepted for registration in a qualifying educational or fellowship program in HTA or in a closely related field, or have been accepted for an internship with an HTA body, other public sector body, or NGO.
  • Agree to complete the educational/fellowship/internship program for which the scholarship is sought.
  • Agree to attend the HTAi Annual Meeting the June following the completion of the educational/fellowship/internship program to present a short report of the research undertaken and/or the experience gained through the program. Funding support for economy travel and accommodation costs will be provided by the HTAi for participation in this event.
  • Attest that he/she intends upon completion of the program to apply to the best of their ability the knowledge and skills gained towards the advancement of HTA in Africa.

Organizational Sponsor: The organizational sponsor is an HTA or health organization or an educational institution in an African country where the individual applicant works or studies. The organizational sponsor is represented by a senior manager, supervisor or department head within the organization who can attest to the quality of the applicant, their competencies and career interests in HTA, and also agrees to support the individual in the applying the skills and knowledge gained in the educational or internship program in an African country. The organizational sponsor is required to complete the corresponding section of the scholarship application form.

An organizational sponsor must:

  • Operate in Africa and have an organizational mandate and/or undertakes activities in areas relevant to the field of HTA.
  • Be an organization where the individual applicant is a:

– Student in an undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral program.

  • Be represented by a senior manager, supervisor, department head or equivalent, who is to complete the organizational sponsor portion of the application form.
  • Agree to foster the individual applicant to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the scholarship program for the advancement of HTA in Africa. This may include, for example, the offer of a position of employment or study for the individual after completion of the program, mentorship of the applicant during or after the scholarship period, or by connecting the individual by sharing network contacts or making formal introductions of the individual to other health or HTA organizations where their skills and competencies can be applied to achieve the goal of increasing HTA capacity in Africa. HTAi will consider a range of possible arrangements of support to the individual, depending on the sponsoring organization’s nature and resources.

Value and Duration of Award

  • A total of $20,000.00 CAD is available for the HTAi Scholarship Program each calendar year. Multi-year awards will be considered for exceptional applicants, up to a maximum of $20,000.00 CAD per year for two years.
  • Recipients who are awarded funding for a single year at a time are welcome to submit a separate application the following year for subsequent scholarship support
  • Upon the awarding of the scholarship, the individual recipient will also receive a complimentary 1-year HTAi membership, and be invited to join the HTA in Developing Countries Interest Group.
  • Additional funding will support scholarship recipients to attend the HTAi Annual Meeting in the June immediately following completion of their scholarship award term to present their research and/or professional experience acquired during the program.
  • Applicants may request scholarship funding to support the following expenses related to their education, fellowship or internship program: • Tuition fees • Books and other educational materials • Accommodation • Travel expenses • General living expenses

How to Apply for Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Programme Webpage see link below) before applying

For more information, visit the Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship.

Application Deadline: 31st January 2019


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